BQ core barrel

BQ core barrel assembly, BQ inner tube assembly, BQ core barrel spare parts.

BQ core barrel for use with BQ/BRQ rods. BQ core barrel is ideal for use in most surface drilling conditions and is available for application in standard DCDMA B size hole. It consists of the BQ head assembly , BQ inner tube, BQ stop ring, BQ core lifter, BQ core lifter case, BQ locking coupling, BQ adapter coupling, BQ landing ring, BQ outer tube, BQ inner tube stabilizer and thread protector.

BQ Core Barrel

BQ core barrel pic.jpg


          *BQ reaming shell and BQ core bit are not included in the core barrel assembly

          **Other BQ core barrel length or extended BQ core barrel is also available

        ***MKII BQ spearhead assembly is also available

BQ Core Barrel Spare Parts Kit

BQ core barrelspare parts kit pic.jpg

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